Want To Stop Stressing About Dressing? 

I'll Show You How With My Stress Free Style System.

Learn How To Have A Wardrobe You’ll Love

You will go from this...

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When You learn How To Build A Wardrobe You’ll Love

Now it's possible for you to get the same styling tips I've shared with my clients in a series of 12 video lessons that will change how you look in and at your clothes.

This course is right for you if:

  • You are tired of not knowing what clothes you should be wearing and buying.
  • You have lots of price tags in your closet from clothes you bought, but have never actually worn. 
  • When heading to an event, you try on tons of your clothes, and end up so disappointed that you consider not going. 
  • You’re hanging on to old clothes you used to love in the hopes that some day you’ll “fit into them again”. 
  • You feel like shopping is an ordeal and never that successful. 
  • The idea of not dreading opening your closet door, easily picking something out to wear, and getting compliments, makes you feel excited and encouraged. 
  • You are ready to stop stressing about dressing.

This course is NOT for you if: 

  • You never struggle figuring out what to wear. 
  • Finding clothes you love to wear in your closet is quick and easy. 
  • You love shopping for clothes and never have buyers remorse. 

Imagine YOU can change how you feel when you see yourself in the mirror, simply by 

Changing Your Clothes.

 It’s time to Stop Stressing About Dressing, and I can help. 

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My Stress-Free Style System: Learn How To Build A Wardrobe You’ll Love includes 12 pre-recorded video trainings PLUS membership to a private FaceBook group where I will answer your questions and offer additional tips and lessons based on what you need and want to know. You'll get the support and feedback I offer my private clients for a fraction of the cost.

Here's what you'll learn

1: My 3 Step System To Shop For Clothes You’ll Love To Buy & Wear 

  • Almost 50% of women don’t like shopping for clothes, so you’re in good company. I’ll teach you how to find clothes you’ll love and not regret buying, as well as give you the tips to stop wasting money on the wrong clothes. Click here to know more. 


2: How To Look Healthy and Younger With Color 

  • Learn how to pick the colors that will take years off your face and make you look like you just had a vacation. Find out how to know which colors you should avoid wearing, so people stop asking. “are you feeling ok today?” Click here to know more. 


3: Here’s How To Make Your Butt NOT Look Fat 

  • Find out what details to look for, to visually reduce the parts of your body, you wish were smaller. No butts about it. Click here to know more. Click here to know more. 

4: Find Out Which Neckline To Wear & Why 

  • No, a V-neckline is not flattering for all, so I’ll show you how to know which is right for you and how to make what you already own, be more flattering. Hint: You’ll learn how to lose the double chin. ?” Click here to know more. 


5: How To Hide A Muffin Top & Create A Waistline 

  • Get my tricks to minimize the extra in the middle, and create the waist you didn’t know you could have. Click here to know more. 


6: Get Smooth Skin & Hair By Changing The Fabrics You Wear 

  •  You won’t believe how easily you can make your complexion clearer and smoother by the switching to the right fabrics. Your hair has a part in this magic too. Click here to know more. 


7: SALE Is A Four Letter Word - Or Is It? 

  • I’ll share my money saving tips on shopping sales so you avoid buyers remorse and won’t have price tags hanging in your closet cause you made a “it was on sale” mistake. Click here to know more. 


8: How To Add Ta-Da To Your Outfits With Accessories 

  • Learn how to use accessories to transform any outfit from just ok, to oh my. I’ll also show you my styling secrets that will make it easy for you to know how to tie those scarves, choose which earrings to wear, and, well you’ll see. Click here to know more. 


9: Shoes, Glorious Shoes. Which To Wear & With What Outfit 

  • If you struggle finding shoes that look good and fit without pain plus knowing what shoe or boot goes with your outfit, then my tips will make your soles very happy. Click here to know more. 


10: Know How To Dress Your Post-Baby Body - Even if your Baby is already driving 

  • You’re thinking, if “I just lose 10 lbs.”, then…..Learn how to dress the body you have now, to look like the body you want and what to do about those upper arms. Click here to know more. 


11: What Underwear To Wear Under Your Clothes 

  • Find out what to wear under your clothes that will get some parts up and others in. Shhh, Spanx will NOT be on my list of unmentionables. Click here to know more. 


12: Get The Chaos & Frump Out Of Your Closet 

  •  I’ll show you how to organize your clothes and get out what doesn’t work, so you will be able to find what you want to wear when you want to wear it. You’ll actually enjoy opening your closet doors no matter how big or small it may be. Click here to know more.

Take a look at what these women have said about receiving my what to wear tips.

I’ve begun watching the videos, and I’m really enjoying them. Not only am I digging in, but I think I was binge-watching the videos like a Netflix series and I can’t wait to put some of the tips into practice.

- Lisa Winningkoff


Scarlett has provided me with a completely new vision for how I dress. After working with her remotely, I was armed with the knowledge I needed to let go of clothes and accessories that didn't serve (or flatter) me any longer. I have transformed from the person who walks out of stores empty handed or worse with the wrong silhouettes and colors purchased, into someone who has a clear vision for what works and what I need to pull together outfits. Scarlett is a joy to work with and her recommendations were spot on.

- Stephanie Vuolo


I was amazed at how much value Scarlett provided me in our virtual consultation. Not only did she quickly grasp the clothes that looked like “me” from just a series of photographs, but she picked up on colors and combinations which were not in the photos but I personally liked and encouraged me to use them more because they enhanced my features. Scarlett also gave me the reinforcement to understand why some items looked better on me than others. Then to top it off she provided a comprehensive list of examples I could instantly add to my wardrobe. In 2 hours I went from uncertain to confident with a new batch of clothes that really work for me on the way.

- Allison Hartsoe

Scarlett’s insight & knowledge of color choices, jewelry shapes and neckline styles has helped me create a successful system for my wardrobe. Her approachability & understanding of my concerns was key for my choosing her to be my stylist. From conference rooms & classes to client consultations, I now have more confidence & “curb appeal!” Thank you Scarlett!

- Margaret Ann Innis


Thanks to you Scarlett, I got two ‘wow you look great’ comments today.

- Sharon McCormick


Oh my goodness. That was fun. I feel like I just lost 20 pounds. It’s like I was given permission to let go of past things that just didn’t work. Past ideas and even goals that literally just don’t fit me anymore. Thank you so much for your help. So much I never knew or even thought about!!!

- Lisa Tancredi


I discovered Scarlett through a mutual friend whose ensemble was stunning. I had to ask "who" she was wearing. She passed me Scarlett's name, and what I got from our engagement was so much more than a few beautiful dress recommendations. She empowered me with the knowledge of the right colors and silhouettes for my coloring and shape. I've received piles of compliments on the items we both chose using her guidance. She gave me a tool I will have for the rest of my life. Working with Scarlett is an investment not only in your closet, but your confidence as well!

- Lea Pica

What's the cost?

You get all 12 videos plus membership in my interactive FaceBook group for $297.

As a bonus for signing up, you'll get membership to a private FaceBook group where you can ask me questions about what you learned in each video training and have the option to interact with other participants.

Note: Each video will be sent to you once recording is completed